Our Portfolio

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AIESEC Youth to Business Forum Marketing Video

AIESEC is the largest global, non-political, independent and non-profit organization run by students and recent graduates who are interested in world issues, leadership and management. AIESEC held it's annual Canada Youth to Business Forum and b-Mc creative was asked to produce a video which "weaved in AIESEC's brand focusing on the youth, energy, and interactive elements with business leaders."


Manulife Bank Promotional Video

Here's a promo we put together teasing the launch of an internal video campaign we produced for Manulife Bank. This wasn't part of the original creative concepts we proposed. We included it at no cost because we felt it was a great way to introduce the campaign to the Manulife team. We used existing footage, all outtakes and bloopers. We then wrote a script, got it voiced, added a call to action and it was done. Needless to say it was very well received and created a buzz for the campaign itself.

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Rogers Publishing – Commitment To Care and Service Awards Video

This project was a lot of fun. Our client, Rogers Publishing wanted a super hero themed video to open up an awards gala celebrating pharmacists across Canada. Our artist created the super heroes, each based on a category. And using available visuals including photos we wrote the script and put it together.


Advil Migraine Relief Centre Multilingual Video

The videos produced for this series was part of an overall microsite initiative titled Migraine Relief Centre. We produced 10 videos total, five in English, and 5 in French. What made these testimonials so successful is that we heard from migraine sufferers, what they experience, their treatments, triggers, and solutions.

Product of the Year Canada

Product of the Year: Canada

This video was produced as the opening to the 2013 Product of the Year Awards Gala. We wanted to make this video a linear presentation. From a historical look at great innovators, to Product of the Year's Jury Day, to the pre-awards show cocktails and interviews. b-Mc was bold, and innovative in it's approach to producing this video.


ProfitGuide.com Corporate Video

From learning about their favorite business book, to the best advice they ever received. These videos delve into the lives of 5 successful business leaders, and us the inside scoop on how they accomplish their daily tasks, learn from their past challenges, adjust to the changing global economic environment, and grow their companies. These are honest, and candid portrayals with many tips and advice for leaders at any stage of their career.


Manulife Small Business Research Report

b-Mc creative produced eight videos, five in English, three in French, which focused on how business advisors deal with the key areas highlighted in the 2012 Manulife Small Business Research Report. The business advisor was our target market, with the goal of teaching them various ways of attracting and retaining small business owners, and or managers as their clients.


HSBC Masterclass Corporate Video Production

Short, to the point, relevant content. That was the goal when working with HSBC for this video series. HSBC Masterclass is a simple, clean, sexy example of how less can be more. The focus is on the experts and their words, let them do the talking, and we'll compliment that with a look and feel and that doesn't take away the importance of their message.


Pension & Benefits Summit Promotional Video

b-Mc creative produced a successful video promotion campaign for the Financial Services Group of Rogers Publishing Ltd. The group was looking to create awareness for an upcoming conference with a goal of boosting the number of attendees.