What Type of Video Production Content is Best for Small Business?


by Bryan Bolan

If you’re a small business and you are looking at add video content to your website, then what type of video production is best for you, your brand, and your customers? How-to’s, explainers, stories, testimonials, infographic videos. Some would say all of it. And to some extent they are right. But each one of those styles is it’s own production. So, perhaps for now, trying one method at a time is the way to go. Which one should you start with?

In this video, Matthew Hunt, Head Coach at Small Business Online Coach explains there is one type of video production all small businesses should be doing. He refers to it as evergreen content.

With evergreen content, you are producing a lot of it. And by doing so you are giving your customers a lot of great information, and you are also adding more and more webpages to your site, which for search engine rankings, is crucial. You are building that art and science relationship. The art of creating compelling, engaging and informative video content, and the science behind content quantity which is necessary for search engine rankings.

What is evergreen content and how can it benefit you? Watch the video and find out, and let us know your thoughts. And if you have any video production questions please don’t hesitate to ask. We love hearing from people interested in video production and helping them in any way we can.



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