What Should Your Small Business Video Call To Action Be?

by Bryan Bolan

You just produced a great video, you can’t wait to post it. You are hoping your video will generate leads and ultimately sales. So what’s your call to action? When it’s all said and done, what are you asking your viewers to do next?

Matthew Hunt, Head Coach at Small Business Online Coach gives some great advice on what types of calls to action are effective and not over the top.  Also, there’s more to a CTA than directing them to a landing page or leaving your contact info and asking them to get a hold of you.  Remember, you are building relationships with your customers, you want to continue giving them your expert advice and make them feel safe and welcome. Relationships take time and effort, and most importantly trust.  So what else can you do with CTA’s? Matthew explains that there’s great value in social calls to action.


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