Can Your Company’s Video Production Be Done With An iPhone?

There are a lot of vlogs out there on how your business can produce quality video content. Including how to produce professional video with your iPhone. These tutorials are loaded with keywords like easy, simple, quick.  I wish.  I’ve never understood why these posts would ever suggest that producing video is easy, simple, or quick.  Unless it’s for self-serving reasons which I can forgive them for.


What is paramount for you to understand is that these tutorials are produced by people who know how to produce video.  They have worked with different cameras before they ever shot with an iPhone.  They can light, they can frame a shot, they can direct talent, they can edit, they can create graphics, they can colour correct, mix audio and so on.  Of course it’s easy, or simple, or quick, or whatever it is they are saying.  Don’t be fooled by what these tutorials are telling you. Video production is hard.  Especially if you have never done it before. Simply using your iPhone, will not make it any easier, I promise.

Which begs the question.  Do you even know how to produce video?  If not, then why are you even thinking about it in the first place? Because the tutorials say it’s easy?  Or maybe you think you can’t afford a professional to do it?  I’m asking you this because I believe your brand, your business, your company profile, and your customers deserve the best, and nothing but the best.  Don’t you agree?  If you are trying to enhance the profile of your brand, increase sales, promote new products or services etc. then don’t you think a great video, properly produced will help you achieve your goals?  More so then a crap, DIY video that’s really obvious it’s a crap DIY video? If so, then find a pro to do it or don’t do it at all.  Sometimes it may be best to leave out the mediocre stuff and really focus on the content creation you are really good at.  Once revenues increase and you can afford a video producer, or you have practiced on your own enough and are now really good at it, then start rolling out great video content.

Video content (or any content) has to be quality.  There’s only so much bad content we the viewer can take.  And since we are inundated with it, your’s has to be great to stand out from the rest (especially your competitors).  The day’s of cookie cutter content are ending if not over.  Content creation, especially video production has to be creative, shot properly with great sound, and most importantly tell a great story. It doesn’t mean it has to to be expensive.  I’m going to repeat that.  It doesn’t mean it has to be expensive.  It just has to be great.  If you are truly confident that your video content is great, or is at least getting better all the time, then keep it going.  If you think it could be better, and you don’t have the proper time to dedicate to your company’s video initiatives, then either drop it altogether, or find a qualified producer to get it done for you.

Go online, watch videos on YouTube, Vimeo etc. and get a sense for what you like and don’t like. Watch videos your competitors are producing. Are they good? Do they suck? Paying for video production services may be a greater benefit to you in that you can focus on other important aspects of your business. How valuable is your time to learn all the ins and outs of video production?

Back to my original question. Can your company’s video production be done with an iPhone?  Yes. If video production is something you are interested in then do it. Learn the ropes, the ins and outs and eventually you will establish a workflow that will allow you to be more creative with your video content and story telling. If all you have is your iPhone then start with that. I’d highly recommend you not publish your first few go arounds though. Keep it a secret. You’ll thank me a few months or years later when you look back and watch it again.

Some businesses produce daily or weekly video clips with their iPhone based on FAQ’s. But that’s mostly done as an SEO strategy. Seriously, do you need a video on FAQ’s? Is that quality content that will separate you from your competitors, seeing you at your desk, shooting a selfie video based on a frequently asked question? If however, you want to produce FAQ videos, then here’s how you do it. Compile a list of questions, 20-30-40, however many you want. Shoot them all in one day, at your office, with a proper set up including lighting, sound etc. That way, you’ve knocked off a whole set of higher quality video productions in one shoot day. Creative content also requires creative solutions. Don’t forget that.

I want you to succeed, your business, content, video productions. I want everything you do to market your business be the best it can possibly be. Video production is an extension of your brand. It represents you, your thoughts, emotions, ideals…your passion. How do you want that to look? How do you want your customers, clients, and staff to respond and react?

This is my favourite iPhone video tutorial.  I like it because it’s well produced, and also because producer Eric Olsen, nails it with the title Home Movie on Your Phone.  I think you can read between the lines. 


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