This is Why You Need Video Production for Email Marketing

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According to the 2013 Online Video Marketing Survey and Business Video Trends Report, 60% of marketers are using video production for email marketing.  That’s a jump from 52% in 2012.  This could rise even more if marketers can more freely embed videos into emails.  The report states “The vast majority of Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) and email clients in use today do not enable the capability to play and interact with video content embedded directly within the recipients email message”.  That means the video is linked from another source and re-directs the end user to another page, ie. YouTube, Blog page etc.  The report goes on the say, “Most respondents indicated that the best approach is to create a link from the email (which can be a thumbnail image of a video) to a video landing page or video in a website (51%) or link to a stand alone video player (24%).”

Despite all this, 82% of marketers view video email as effective, with 60% saying video email improves conversions. When asked what are the most effective types of video email communications, 73% of marketers said it was for product/service promotions, followed by lead generation at 55%.

The report is loaded with great statistical info on not only video email, but video production and marketing in general.  I had the pleasure of interviewing Wayne Wall, CEO of  Flimp Media, who, along with REELSEO, and the Web Video Marketing Council commissioned this report for the third consecutive year.  Wayne gives great insight on the reports’ findings on video email and it’s effective outcome for marketers.

Here are  5 video email marketing tips from Benchmark as well as an interesting case study from BombBomb that measured the differences from the same email with and without video.