Video Production Review – The Music Bed

Small and Medium size businesses, as well as non-profit organizations can produce video content that is as good if not better than the big spending corporations.  And you don’t need corporate dollars to do it.  You need a great story and a production team that knows how to capture that story for you.  I want to prove to you that this is possible, and inspire you to believe that you can promote and market your brand with authentic and engaging video content that is uniquely yours.    

This week I’m very proud to present to you a video by The Music Bed.  

The Music Bed (TMB) is a website for licensing royalty-free music.  This video can be found just below the fold on their homepage.  What I like about this video is it’s effectiveness in telling us why they do what they do.  You can feel the passion and dedication they have in helping musicians and filmmakers.  The narrative is brilliant and is the driving force behind this video and is the reason why it is so effective and a pleasure to watch.  You need a great story and you need a great storyteller, this video proves that.

Visually they did a good job with contrasting both the office scenes and the musicians.  The office shows us a stable and professional layout of a young and dedicated staff.  While the shots of the musicians were hand held, loose, almost as if we are peaking into their lives of creativity, and also uncertainty.

The quality of the production may look like this video cost a lot of money, but it didn’t.  These are good video producers that know what they are doing and because of that they are able to make it look professional and expensive.  The reality is, it’s a very simple production done by a small crew.

I think what is missing in this era of easy access to video content is the opportunity to capitalize on the many talented producers out there who can create outstanding videos for your business at very reasonable prices.  Too many small and medium businesses are falling victim to lacklustre video trends like those animated videos with the cheesy ukelele music.  You are better than that.