Manulife Small Business Research Report

b-Mc creative produced eight videos, five in English, three in French, which focused on how business advisors deal with the key areas highlighted in the 2012 Manulife Small Business Research Report. The business advisor was our target market, with the goal of teaching them various ways of attracting and retaining small business owners, and or managers as their clients.


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All the videos are features. Scripted, voiced, with interview clips. The pace is entertaining, always moving, with an array of visuals including time-lapse photography, and actors involved in business collaboration.

Susan Cranston, AVP Small Business Marketing & Advisor Research for Manulife Financial was very pleased with the outcome. “The impressive quality of b-Mc creative’s work resulted in outcomes that have exceeded my hopes for success.” And speaking personally of Founder Bryan Bolan, Susan went on to say, “Bryan believes in making a difference, supporting his clients even when it involves his personal time and resources”