Are You Promoting Your Video Marketing Campaign? It’s Easy and Effective


by Bryan Bolan

You just finished shooting a bunch of video content. Maybe they were interviews, how-to’s, explainer videos. Guaranteed you have a lot of footage. And guaranteed you have a lot of footage that won’t see the light of day. You know, the blunders and bloopers and dead air, camera rolling when it shouldn’t be, last second lighting adjustments. Believe it or not but there are gems there waiting to be found. There’s one thing businesses aren’t doing online, that is promoting their video/marketing campaigns. All that “irrelevant” video you shot is a potential promo. Just be a little creative with it, and you can create a promo or two that teases your upcoming campaign.

Think of it like a movie trailer. A couple weeks to a month before a movie is released what do you see? Trailers! Either at the theatre before the start of the movie you are about to see or at home on TV, or your computer, tablet etc. So why can’t you do the same with the footage you are about to release? You have the footage, you know what your campaign is about, you know the release date. So it should be pretty straight forward stuff. If you need a helping hand then start watching promos. Go to YouTube and Vimeo and watch them. See how they are edited, listen to the writing, and voice-over. Go to local news sites, they’ll have promos for sure. The promo industry for TV is huge, but it’s non-existent online. Tease your campaign, create a buzz, give it the attention it deserves. Then come the release date, that many more people are ready for it.

Like anything else it will take a few kicks at the can before you get the hang of it but trust me, if you keep doing it, you’ll get good at it and come up with some pretty creative stuff.

Every shoot has tons of footage, outtakes, and bloopers. Use that to your advantage and promote your upcoming video release (s). Or, on shoot day, take a few extra minutes and do a few on-cams specifically written for promos. Publish them everywhere, website, social, e-newsletters, internal.

Here’s a promo we produced for an internal video campaign. Needless to say it was very well received. Again, we used existing footage, all outtakes and cutting room floor stuff. We then wrote a script, got it voiced, added a call to action and it was done. It was entertaining and got people talking, so when the actual campaign was released, people were ready and looking forward to it.

Take advantage of your footage and PROMOTE PROMOTE PROMOTE.

If you have any questions or advice to share about producing promos let us know, we love hearing form you and talking shop.

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