Corporate Video Production Is An Investment Not An Expense

corporate video production

I recently spent a day with a client of ours discussing the various aspects of their corporate video production goals.  He is looking at the big picture and the opportunities video, when done right, has in increasing brand awareness and ultimately sales.

He sees this as an investment, a way to build up a video content strategy that engages their target market in ways that no other form of content can.  We are incredibly excited to be working with this company and helping them achieve their video marketing goals.

He is absolutely correct in thinking corporate video production is an investment. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses view it as an expense and don’t look at the most important quality their video production company should bring to the table. Value.

Many people look at value as add-ons.  These include some small additional service, a slight reduction in price, even something “free”. Their wrong.  These are promotions.

Value is about giving, with no expectations of receiving.  Giving value is something done for the customers, in favor of the customers.

If you look at your corporate video production goals as an expense, instead of an investment, you may overlook the real value you should receive.  If it’s an expense, then chances are price is your number one factor.  If it’s an investment, then value trumps price.

Value-adds are sales pitches to win your business.  Giving value is putting your interests first before our own.

Price or Profit.  Expense or Invest.  Which would you rather have?  Price will last a moment, profit will last a lifetime.

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