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Video Production Pick of the Week – The Human Walking Program

The Lost Dogs Home is Australia’s biggest animal shelter. They are a non profit group providing dog and cat boarding kennels, veterinary services, and pound facilities. They needed a campaign that made people think differently about shelter dogs so they created The Human Walking Program, where the dogs did the rescuing.

It’s been getting a lot of press and rightfully so, it’s reverse psychology at it’s best.  It’s the humans that need to be rescued.  Trapped in our office cages 5-days a week, stressed out, and tired.  What better way to release that anxiety than to spend time with a dog.

The video that supports this campaign is well done.  A very simple shoot consisting of some sound bites and of course, lots of shots of dogs interacting with the humans.

This video didn’t cost a lot.  You can tell.  But that’s ok, it’s the story that matters.  And the video succeeds in telling a story that has helped bring world wide attention to this campaign.  What I really like about it is that it used news coverage, both TV and radio clips that reported on the the event as part of the story telling.  That was a great move, very creative.  Made me think ‘wow, this is huge’.

What are your thoughts?  Did you like the video?

For me it’s another great example of a small budget production having big success with creative and thoughtful story telling.

b-Mc creative’s video production pick of the week focuses on videos produced for small and medium sized businesses as well as non-profits.  Our goal is to show you examples of great videos that didn’t require big budgets.  

Video Production Pick of the Week – The Music Bed

Small and Medium size businesses, as well as non-profit organizations can produce video content that is as good if not better than the big spending corporations.  And you don’t need corporate dollars to do it.  You need a great story and a production team that knows how to capture that story for you.  I want to prove to you that this is possible, and inspire you to believe that you can promote and market your brand with authentic and engaging video content that is uniquely yours.    

This week I’m very proud to present to you a video by The Music Bed.  

The Music Bed (TMB) is a website for licensing royalty-free music.  This video can be found just below the fold on their homepage.  What I like about this video is it’s effectiveness in telling us why they do what they do.  You can feel the passion and dedication they have in helping musicians and filmmakers.  The narrative is brilliant and is the driving force behind this video and is the reason why it is so effective and a pleasure to watch.  You need a great story and you need a great storyteller, this video proves that.

Visually they did a good job with contrasting both the office scenes and the musicians.  The office shows us a stable and professional layout of a young and dedicated staff.  While the shots of the musicians were hand held, loose, almost as if we are peaking into their lives of creativity, and also uncertainty.

The quality of the production may look like this video cost a lot of money, but it didn’t.  These are good video producers that know what they are doing and because of that they are able to make it look professional and expensive.  The reality is, it’s a very simple production done by a small crew.

I think what is missing in this era of easy access to video content is the opportunity to capitalize on the many talented producers out there who can create outstanding videos for your business at very reasonable prices.  Too many small and medium businesses are falling victim to lacklustre video trends like those animated videos with the cheesy ukelele music.  You are better than that.

b-Mc creative’s video production pick of the week focuses on videos produced for small and medium sized businesses as well as non-profits.  Our goal is to show you examples of great videos that didn’t require big budgets.  

How To Get the Best Video Production Bang For Your Buck

As a video producer and Founder of a video production company I often get asked to provide budget proposals as part of a bidding process.  I’ll get a call or an email from a prospect inquiring about video production and if we can provide a quote based on a specific idea.  Or sometimes no idea at all.  ”Do you have an operating budget”?  I’ll ask.  Responses range from, “we don’t know”, to “no”, to “send us a quote and we’ll go from there”.

If I don’t know your operating budget, then none of the competing vendors know, so that means we are competing strictly on price.  That’s fine, I completely understand that.  But unfortunately creative and specifically creative solutions come 2nd.  When asking for a quote without providing a price point you are limiting your options in getting the best possible video at your price.  

I recommend you avoid asking  ”We want a video, we want it to be (your concept) please send us a quote”. But rather ask this way.  ”We want a video, we want it to be (your concept), I have a price range between three thousand and 4 thousand dollars.  I’d love to keep it closer to three thousand, what can you do with that price point?” 

That’s a huge difference.  What you are doing is keeping your budget within it’s range and at the same time vetting your vendors for the best possible creative solution.  That’s how you get the biggest bang for your buck.  Take advantage of our production knowledge by making us showcase our creativity, experience, resources, etc.

I got a call recently from a potential client inquiring about a video they’d like produced for their homepage.  She provided both an idea and price point.  The idea, was to shoot one person meeting another at a nice restaurant and then shoot various scenes with dialogue. Great idea, very doable. But when it came to price, she could afford maybe one-tenth of what something like this would cost.  On the surface you are shooting just a couple people at a restaurant. But here’s the reality.  You need actors, you need to rent out the restaurant so you have total control over your shoot.  You need to hire extras to fill the other tables as patrons.  Your other actors include restaurant host, server, chef, bartender.  You need to scout the location prior to the shoot, script your story, block your shots, have a production crew that’s able to reposition cameras, lighting etc.  A director, producer, director of photography. You need permits, catering for cast and crew.

Unfortunately in this case, the budget didn’t match the idea. You just can’t walk into a restaurant and start shooting.  It doesn’t work that way.  

Bottom line is your idea has to match your budget. 

If the client didn’t provide me with an operating budget, then I would have quoted way beyond what she could afford.  Instead she would have settled on a vendor based solely on price.  And I guarantee, her idea would not have come out the way she intended and possibly not even make it on her company’s homepage.

Because she told me her idea and operating budget we were able to immediately come to terms with the reality of the situation and shift our attention to a creative solution that matched her price point.  And believe me there are plenty of great creative video opportunities that fit her budget.

We had a blast brainstorming ideas, talking creative solutions.  She was relieved and confident in taking our new ideas to her colleagues.  Perhaps down the line she can increase her video budget and produce the restaurant scene.

A good producer or video production company will know how to work within your desired budget and provide more than a few ideas and concepts.  If they are insistent on only one type of creative, then run for the hills and vet a few more vendors.

I implore you to be open and honest with your video producer, production company.  The more you leave us guessing, the more unlikely you are going to find the best solution for your video.  

Bottom line here is that it’s ok to let your vendor know what your spending limits are.  There are creative solutions I promise.  Don’t subject your video production to price only.  Treat price and creative as equals and in the end you’ll get a much better deal.  Believe me when I say that people like myself love talking video production.  By opening more doors you are allowing us to get to know you better which allows us to provide you with the best possible video content that your money can buy.



Can Your Company’s Video Production Be Done With An iPhone?

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3-Key Differentiators To Look For In A Video Production Company

by Bryan Bolan

How much do you think producing video content costs?  Simply put, video can cost as much as you want it to.  Guaranteed you can produce video that’s within your budget.  Heck you can do it yourself if you want.  But let’s take a look at the bigger picture here.  Video, like any creative content, is an extension and representation of your brand, so there’s a lot more going on here besides price.

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This is Why You Need Video Production for Email Marketing

According to the 2013 Online Video Marketing Survey and Business Video Trends Report, 60% of marketers are using video production for email marketing.  That’s a jump from 52% in 2012.  This could rise even more if marketers can more freely embed videos into emails.  The report states “The vast majority of Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) and email clients in use today do not enable the capability to play and interact with video content embedded directly within the recipients email message”.  That means the video is linked from another source and re-directs the end user to another page, ie. YouTube, Blog page etc.  The report goes on the say, ”Most respondents indicated that the best approach is to create a link from the email (which can be a thumbnail image of a video) to a video landing page or video in a website (51%) or link to a stand alone video player (24%).”

Despite all this, 82% of marketers view video email as effective, with 60% saying video email improves conversions. When asked what are the most effective types of video email communications, 73% of marketers said it was for product/service promotions, followed by lead generation at 55%.

The report is loaded with great statistical info on not only video email, but video production and marketing in general.  I had the pleasure of interviewing Wayne Wall, CEO of  Flimp Media, who, along with REELSEO, and the Web Video Marketing Council commissioned this report for the third consecutive year.  Wayne gives great insight on the reports’ findings on video email and it’s effective outcome for marketers.

Here are  5 video email marketing tips from Benchmark as well as an interesting case study from BombBomb that measured the differences from the same email with and without video.



2013 Video Trends Report, 93% of Marketing Pros Are Using Online Video

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What Type of Video Production Content is Best for Small Business?

by Bryan Bolan

If you’re a small business and you are looking at add video content to your website, then what type of video production is best for you, your brand, and your customers? How-to’s, explainers, stories, testimonials, infographic videos. Some would say all of it. And to some extent they are right. But each one of those styles is it’s own production. So, perhaps for now, trying one method at a time is the way to go. Which one should you start with? Read more…

Local SEO and Video Production, Does Quantity = Quality?

Here’s a really interesting VLOG from Matthew Hunt, Head Coach at Small Business Online Coach. According to Matthew, search engines don’t rank and index websites, they rank and index webpages. Hence the importance of video production quantity. OK great, but how does a small business pump out video after video after video? Especially when budgets are so tight and also when there’s a desire for quality video content? Watch our video to find out.

Here’s a hint.  According to Matthew, the quality is in the quantity.  Also, Matthew gives us the inside scoop on how you can re-purpose your videos.

As always we love hearing from you. How much video are you publishing? Do you have any video production questions or recommendations? Send us your feedback and/or questions. Read more…