3-Key Differentiators To Look For In A Video Production Company


by Bryan Bolan

How much do you think producing video content costs?  Simply put, video can cost as much as you want it to.  Guaranteed you can produce video that’s within your budget.  Heck you can do it yourself if you want.  But let’s take a look at the bigger picture here.  Video, like any creative content, is an extension and representation of your brand, so there’s a lot more going on here besides price.

If you base your video production requirements strictly on price, you may be missing out on other valuable opportunities where a little more time and money will get you much more in ROI.  Price is obviously a priority but so are results. And to achieve results, you need a production team that has at least these three key differentiators.  They are, experience, connections, and creative input.  Your video initiatives are unique, and special.  A production company having these three important qualities will further ensure you are getting original content that’s on time and on budget.  But also video content that will engage and inspire your customers, clients, and audience.

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If you don’t have any experience in video production, and you want great video content, it’s going to cost.  Not just money, but time and patience in finding the proper company.

There’s an abundance of video production companies out there.  Many of them have just a few years experience or are fresh out of school.  In many respects their enthusiasm and young energy can be very attractive to businesses.  And they will most likely be pretty cheap.  But keep in mind, a lack of experience can cost you because they may mis-calculate their deliverables and subsequently miss deadlines, go over budget, and under deliver on creative output.  An experienced team will save everyone time and money.  With their combined years of experience, they will be able to answer your questions and provide detailed support on how to execute a particular creative initiative without guessing or risking your investment.  It’s great if they have inexperienced team members as they provide fresh ideas and a youthful energy that can reverberate throughout the team.  But leaders have to be experienced in order to properly fulfill your needs and wishes.

Experience speaks for itself. It saves everybody time, money, and energy so we can all focus on the fun stuff, producing your video content.


A production company may have their own staff of producers, editors, camera operators, but guaranteed the great companies will have a list of top notch freelancers who may be better suited to achieving your goals.  Video production companies must adjust accordingly to your content requirements.  Not the other way around. That’s very important.  You should never have to adjust to a company’s limited resources, be it staff or equipment.  This is your project, it needs to get done properly.

Maybe you need professional actors, or a specific shot or series of shots requires an professional steadicam operator.  Perhaps you need post-audio to enhance sound quality, or you need professional voice-over for script narration, or your graphics package requires 3D animations. Your requirements could be many, and that’s just fine.  Bottom line is no goal is too big, and by having the connections a production company will honour your goals by acquiring the proper people and resources to get the job done.   Frankly, who works for who, whether they are freelance or staff is irrelevant as far as you are concerned.  What is of the upmost importance is that they have in place the best people possible that’s within your budget, and who will go above and beyond the call of duty. And more often than not, a well connected production company will get the right people in place. Don’t settle for a company that will only use their own equipment, team, and resources.  That’s not fair to you, your objectives, and your video content.  Move on, and find a company that knows how to get it done.

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Creative Input

Sounds pretty obvious doesn’t it?  A video production company better be creative.  But you’d be surprised.   There’s a lot of video content out there that’s just not very creative.  It’s redundant, and/or based off existing templates.

You want to work with a company that leads, not follows.  And in the video production industry, leaders know how to create original, creative, and compelling content that resonates with your core audience.  Your reaction to seeing your video for the first time should be WOW! I LOVE IT!  Great production companies make that a priority.  You need to work with a company who cares for your brand, understands your goals, understands your story, and can create original videos that are uniquely yours.

Creative input is not only ideas based, but it’s also about solutions.  For example, sometimes things need to get done right away, or the location isn’t ideal for shooting, budget is limited, shooting days are limited, last second changes to script and/or on-camera talent.  There are a multitude of challenges that can come about, a great production company will have the ability to quickly adjust and provide creative solutions that will put everyone at ease and still give you the results you are after.

I would highly recommend you not underestimate the value that these three key differentiators can bring to you, your brand and your video content. Remember, you deserve the best possible outcome from your investment, so spending a little more time in making sure the production company you wish to work with includes these three qualities will undoubtedly bring enhanced stability, trust and creativity to your project.