5-Ways Video Production Will Enhance the Profile of Your Brand

by Bryan Bolan

Did you know that almost 90 million people in the U.S. alone will be watching over 1.2 billion videos today? That is not this week or this month. That is today only. Companies see higher conversion rates with videos. Companies that integrate videos into their websites are getting higher ranks from search engines. Video is leaps and bounds ahead of text and audio. Video is the perfect way to expand your company’s marketing efforts. Here are some suggestions on how video can enhance the profile of your brand:

Produce videos that answer customer questions.

Create a marketing campaign that answers specific questions submitted by customers. Mention whom the question came from and answer it directly in video form. This creates direct engagement with your customers/clients and shows that you are listening and have their best intentions at heart.

Speak directly to customers/clients. Video is the perfect way to make a personal connection with your customers/clients. Speak to them directly by telling stories about how you fulfilled one their dreams, helped them with a personal struggle or achieving a personal goal. You can also promote upcoming company events, perhaps charitable functions or events you are sponsoring.

Use videos as a supplement to your existing brand strategies. Include videos in your email marketing, newsletters, white papers, e-books, blogs, and social media. Video doesn’t have to be a stand-alone. Combine video into all your marketing endeavours. Click-through rate for email marketers’ increase 96% when videos are included in the introduction. (Source: implix)

Use videos to showcase your company’s story. Be proud of your company. Tell the world how you’ve grown, become thought leaders, or perhaps your philanthropic endeavours. This is your forum, your chance to connect with your audience and show a side or history that they may not be aware of.

Link your video with social media. Put video and social media together and you can reach a larger audience. Videos are the perfect vehicle for getting your brand to go viral. People love to share things that interest or inform them. It is the perfect medium to reaching more of your target audience.

With these video marketing tips, you now have an incredible opportunity to enhance the profile of your brand. Perhaps these tips will generate even more ideas for you and your company. The power to connect, engage, inspire has never been more attainable with video.

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